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Employment Law

In the current crisis that we find ourselves in there have been a lot of changes to Employment law.

Employment law has had to change with the issue of furloughing staff due to the coronavirus pandemic. The government have made sure that the Furlough scheme is open to all UK employers that have had PAYE in place since 28th February 2020.

Any UK company with staff can apply for the scheme. The employment law states that employers can receive a grant to cover 80 % of their employee’s wage. This has a cap of £2500 and does not include overtime or bonuses. Employers should discuss this option with their staff if both parties agree they can be put on Furlough. An employer can top up the 80% to 100% (employment law states they can do this but do not have too). Once an employee has been furloughed, they must not take on any work for the organisation.

Employment law states that Furlough leave does unfortunately not protect an employee from redundancy, and it does seem you can be made redundant either during or after the furlough process if that is what is required by the company. The employment law states that the usual redundancy process should be followed.

The government are continuing to issue further guidance as time goes on, they are expecting the furlough scheme to be available by the end of April.

Any changes to an employee’s contract will need to be kept within the employment law guidelines, employers may be wise to seek legal advice to make sure the correct legal process is followed.

Employment law is constantly changing as this coronavirus pandemic is changing too. In these unprecedented times keeping up to date with everything is imperative to keep on the ball of developing situations.

Employment law
Employment Law